Course Orchard: making Pict Harbour campus in X3D

  1. The making of Kelpie College's 3D environment representing Pict Harbour campus in X3D
  2. Landscape
  3. Tower Building
  4. Old building
  5. Seagull's eye tour
  6. Course Orchard

A few computer-generated trees with course subject names above each.A sparse collection of nearly-fruitless subject trees in the Kelpie College course orchard at Pict Harbour campus.

The course orchard is generated from the XCRI CAP output of Kelpie College, which forms an avenue of trees,

Unfortunately, I could not get the X3D Inline element to work reliably in my test viewers, and external prototypes should not be nested. This means that for now, the course orchard has been generated and dumped into main model, rather than being dynamically incorporated using live course information. This can be rectified later, creating the whole scene with XSLT if necessary.

For further information see Sample XSLT code for transforming XCRI CAP 1.1 into X3D for data visualisation purposes.

Last updated: 2010-06-22.