Old building: making Pict Harbour campus in X3D

  1. The making of Kelpie College's 3D environment representing Pict Harbour campus in X3D
  2. Landscape
  3. Tower Building
  4. Old building
  5. Seagull's eye tour
  6. Course Orchard

The idea is that Pict Harbour Old Building will be a hollow square, three identical (except for entrance)s storeys high, with ramps in each corner. There is a central, carpeted square with a stage on which a variety of changing objects could be displayed.

Each wing storey holds four rooms, connected by an open corridor with a semi-transparent guard rail facing onto the central square.

It would be possible to place unique (and data generated) objects in each room, perhaps a blackboard or poster with a specific image, and perhaps a door with a class number (even a notice of the actual class scheduled for that room at that time).

Most parts of the Old Building are reused many times.

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Last updated: 2011-03-02.