Seagull's eye tour: making Pict Harbour campus in X3D

  1. The making of Kelpie College's 3D environment representing Pict Harbour campus in X3D
  2. Landscape
  3. Tower Building
  4. Old building
  5. Seagull's eye tour
  6. Course Orchard

Sketches of a schematic seagull on graph paper.Drafting a seagull on graph paper.

The idea is to have a seagull flying round the campus, that the user may notice, and even think: "I wonder what view I would have if I was that seagull?". And lo and behold, there would be an option to switch to that view. At the moment, the view is actually rearwards from the seagull, but this will be corrected.

Future developments may include seagull cries when it moves within range of the user's avatar (a way of alerting the user to its presence when the seagull is out of sight).

At the moment, the seagull just glides (that is, it is only animated by translation and rotation), but it should be possible to add wing flapping.

A more exciting route is planned for the seagull, perhaps skimming through narrow gaps and so forth.

The seagull is kept in a separate X3D document as an external prototype. There may be opportunities to vary its size or plumage, and create multiples in one scene (or different species).

A computer model of a 3D seagull.Image of the X3D seagull; see also x3dom version of seagull (in some modern browsers, no plug-in required).

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Last updated: 2013-05-02.