Generate SQL stored procedure for XCRI CAP

The purpose of this form is to map SQL database locations of course information to their XCRI CAP equivalents, generating a SQL stored procedure on submission of the form which will extract this data as XML.

This is still a prototype, with a number of limitations:

  1. All the database objects, the course and presentation tables (or views), must currently reside in the same database that the stored procedure will be created in.
  2. Little parsing or validation of database object names is done.
  3. Only a small, but valid, subset of XCRI CAP 1.1 is handled.
  4. All course information must come from the same table (or view). All presentation information must come from the same table (or view). Unless a method of joining new tables can be found, if data is scattered around, a preprocessing step of preparing appropriate course and presentation views may be necessary.
XCRI CAP 1.1 mapping to SQL objects

Database table names should be of the form [schema].[table/view], where [schema] is optional. For example, [dbo].[tbl_Course]. You can leave out the square brackets if there are no problematic characters.

The first two text fields are for literal values for default provider properties.

  • catalog
    • provider
      • course (table):
        • qualification
        • presentation (table):

Last updated: 2010-07-30.