Code and Examples for XCRI CAP 1.2

Here is a set of coded examples (originally posted on the wiki and inheriting its Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence) which walk through a simplified XCRI CAP-compatible database-to-web solution. They are designed to be followed in order.

  1. Sample SQL Server 2008 code for building an XCRI-CAP-1.2-compatible relational database
  2. Populating the sample SQL Server 2008 XCRI-CAP-1.2-compatible relational database
  3. Sample SQL Server 2008 code for extracting XCRI CAP 1.2 XML from a relational database
  4. Sample ASP.NET code to take XCRI CAP 1.2 XML from database and publish it as a web feed
  5. Sample XSLT and ASP.NET code to create web pages from your course feed
  6. Sample ASP.NET and XSLT code to server both XHTML web pages and XCRI CAP 1.2 XML from a single course discovery page

A working demonstration of the web pages built from this code scan be found on the fictional Kelpie College website courses section.

For more information on the standard, see the XCRI Knowledge Base.

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